Halloween Face Paint Top Tips

Halloween Face Paint Top Tips


Everyone loves dressing up, but if you suffer from sensitive skin Halloween face paint can play havoc with your skin.

Just like with day-to-day beauty products, having an awareness of your sensitive skin and how it is affected by Halloween face paint is important. We’ve pulled together some top tips to help you protect your family’s skin when applying your spooky disguises:

halloween face paint tips

  1. Before buying your Halloween makeup and face paints, check the labels for hypoallergenic call outs or organic alternatives. It’s really important to take every care with any products if you suffer from sensitive skin.

  2. It all starts with skin preparation! You need to cleanse and apply a layer of protection to your skin first to shield against the makeup and face paints. Make sure you take extra special care with the delicate under eye area. We recommend the Neutral 0% Face Wash followed by the Neutral 0% Face Cream to help reduce any skin irritation. For your little monsters, try the Neutral 0% Baby Wipes .

  3. Perform a spot test before applying all over your face to ensure you’re not allergic. Also avoid paints with red dye as these are generally the worst for staining and could therefore cause extra irritation when trying to remove.

  4. Drink plenty of water throughout the night, as covering your face in makeup and face paints can be very drying so keep hydrated.

  5. At the end of the night whilst the party may have ended, your skincare routine hasn’t – don’t go to bed without washing your face! It’s really important to remove every speck of make up or paint and to let your skin breathe again. We recommend the Neutral 0% Face Wipes and Neutral 0% Baby Wipes to remove the bulk from you or your child’s face.

  6. As a final idea and a fun activity with the kids – you could always try making homemade face paints! For coloured paints use face cream mixed with a couple of drops of natural food dyes. Or for really sensitive skin – stick to some gruesomely scary face masks!



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